Yarn Along


I am still working on my shawl, but love the colors of the yarn.  Every few stitches, when the color changes, it’s a little surprise and it makes me want to keep knitting to see what color is next.  I am almost to the decorative edge and am so excited to get there so I can do something else besides garter stitch.  This has been my project to take with me to my daughter’s physical therapy since I don’t need to think about a pattern.  There hasn’t been much on the reading front.  I really have not been inspired by anything.  I’ve also been exhausted at night and anytime I try to read I fall asleep.  Hopefully things will slow down soon and illness will leave our house.


I meant to post this yesterday, but I was so tired after a crazy week.  My neighbor (Evonne) and I went to a painting party on Thursday and it was so much fun!  We always have good time together.  She is also one of my scrapbooking buddies.  I’m not a painter and I can barely draw a stick figure.  It sometimes is very frustrating because I live in a house of artists who are so talented (especially the hubby).  I am a good scrapbooker and knitter so I guess my talents are elsewhere.  I really do enjoy arts and crafts of all kinds.    After having so much fun painting, I think that I want to try some painting classes.


Unexpected Gift


Today a wonderful package came in the mail.  We love Lego’s in our house.  They were my favorite toy to play with growing up.  My husband thought that I might like to put this set in my craft room, since there is a Robin in it.  I love it!

Yarn Along

This is my first yarn along post with Ginny and I’m very excited. I’ve been working on the Ka’ana shawl pattern for about a week. It’s just been difficult to find a long period of time to sit and knit. I love the yarn that I’m using. It’s from Miss Babs and it’s a dark purple with pops of light colors. It’s nice and thick and hopefully will keep me very warm since it’s so cold here. My husband and I are avid gardeners. We are trying to learn everything we can about composting so come spring we can use what we have decomposed for our garden. We have a pretty large compost bin that is doing well, but I think that we are going to expand.


Today is a bittersweet day.  Tomorrow everyone will be back to school and work and our amazing two week vacation together will come to an end.  So this morning, we decided to go to brunch at one of our favorite places.  We got to sit right next to the fireplace.  This afternoon I did a little baking because I had some bananas that were past their prime and we love to have some banana bread with tea at night.  I also made my little girly some gluten free brownies as an after school snack for the week.  The girl loves chocolate.  The rest of the night will be filled with relaxing and knitting.  Even though tomorrow we will have more tasks to fill our days, I will remind myself of these past two weeks and simplify things.


Yesterday, when I went to lunch with my friend Amy, we talked about going to a painting party together. We both love art and thought it would be fun, especially when a little wine might be involved.  While drinking my morning coffee, my neighbor messaged me on Facebook about a painting party in the town next to us.  Needless to say, I’m going to a painting party even though it’s not with Amy.  We will try to plan for another time.  I’m going to start putting other ideas out to the universe to see what happens.

I also bought the knitting needles that I needed to start my next project.  We had gone to the Sheep and Wool Festival in Rhinebeck, New York in October and I bought some warm from Miss Babs and have been searching for a project to use it for and I have found one.  It is called the Ka’ana Shawlette by Jennifer Weissman.  I wanted something large enough that I can wrap around my neck and shoulders and thick enough to keep me warm.  It’s also a very easy pattern.  We’ll see how long it takes me to finish.

Happy New Year

I have always loved New Year’s Day.  It is a time to lift all the heavy burdens from the previous year and make room for new hopes and aspirations.  One of my goals for this year is creating this blog as a diary for myself.  Time seems to go by so quickly and I want to document all of the little nuances of our daily life.

Today I celebrated an annual tradition with my friend Amy.  Our two families always spend New Year’s Eve at my house and then on New Year’s Day Amy and I go to lunch and go shopping.  My husband graciously watches the children and we spend the afternoon together.  Even though it is more like window shopping, it is wonderful to have a girly day.

Some other resolutions for the year are to complete some more intricate knitting projects, keep up with the garden in the summer, and to take a deep breath and enjoy life.