Hot But Happy

It’s been a bit hot here lately.  Those first really hot days of summer are so nice, but a bit draining.  My body is not used to the heat yet, especially since we had such a cold winter.  I’ve been making sure that the chickens have plenty of cold water to drink or even stand in.  I cut a watermelon for an after school snack and then put all the rinds into the freezer.  The chickens are enjoying their treat.


Wednesday was my 15th wedding anniversary so we took the kids out for ice cream then we walked along the bay.  It was such a beautiful night.  I could never live far from the ocean.  Love these guys!


Summer Distraction

Summer has been so distracting.  The garden is finally planted and doing really well.  We even have some tomatoes and beans already growing.  There has been some knitting, but not too much on the reading front.  After being outside all day, I’ve been so tired at night to read.  Plus, smore making is so much more fun!  I began making a sweater (naturally with Leanne at Arrow Acres) to give to my niece one her first birthday in September.  I plan on making a matching hat so she can wear it in the fall.  I’ve also starting on the second Miss Babs tour project.  The destination is Atlantis and the yarn is dyed to look like the ocean.  The middle section will look like seashells.  It’s such an easy pattern, which is perfect for me right now.  Excuse my legs in the picture.  I took it while my daughter was riding and I was sitting in the car knitting.  Joining Ginny today!