Playing with Color

I’ve been wanting to dye yarn for a while and finally got all the supplies in the mail yesterday.  I couldn’t wait to start, so I dove right in.  The skein that I made came out great!  I just need to saturate the dye a bit more and make sure that the yarn on the bottom gets enough dye.  I knew that I wanted to use green, since that’s my favorite color, so I paired it with pink and grey.   In the picture the yarn is not reskeined.  Right now I have another skein in the dye pot.  This time I let my daughter choose the colors.  Let’s just say she likes bright colors.  So we’ll see how the turquoise and orange skein turns out.  Thank you to Nicole at Hue Loco for creating such great tutorials!




4 thoughts on “Playing with Color

    1. Thank you! I’ve been experimenting with some other colors and techniques. Next time we get together I’ll bring some because I want to get everyone’s opinion on colors and combinations.

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