I got into knitting about 2 1/2 years ago when I had to take a family leave from my teaching job because of my daughter’s mental illness.  She just wanted to lay next to me all day and napped a lot.  During those naps, I needed something to occupy my time and there was only so much reading and television watching a person could do.  I started watching YouTube videos on how to knit and made a small scarf.  I enjoyed it so much, but I knew I needed to find someone to really show me in person.  I am a total hands on learner.  I found Leanne at Arrow Acres, which wasn’t so far from where I live.  After taking many of her classes over the next year, I just fell in love with the entire process of knitting and found it so relaxing.  I’m especially grateful to the community of people who have been so supportive and helpful.  For the most part, unless you belong to a knitting group, we are all strangers online joining KALs or commenting on Ravelry or websites. We have this connection to knitting that we want to share with each other.  The online aspect was definitely important to me because, even though I could rarely get out of the house, I still felt connected to people.

I’ve begun a new venture on Etsy with dying yarn.  It has given me a feeling of enjoyment to have my own shop.  Creating my own color combinations is exciting!  Also, every handmade object is a treasure.  I feel like I’m learning one more step to the fiber/knitting process.  Eventually, I would like to begin spinning too, but that’s for another day.

A year has past since I have resigned from teaching to be a full-time mom for both of my children. I found knitting during a time when things were rough and uncertain, but it has become the thing that grounds and relaxes me when times are rough now.  It has also brought new and wonderful people into my life.



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