Spring Has Sprung

Things around here have been a bit slow paced.  With the exception of my son, the rest of us has had some kind of virus that really took a toll on us.  We are finally just getting back on track.  There has been just a bit of knitting on my second sock (Hermione’s Everyday Sock).  I could not concentrate when I wasn’t feeling well so not much was done.  I’m almost to the heel flap.  I have a feeling that I might need to put these away and wear them when it gets cold again since it’s a beautiful 70 degree day here.  I’m not complain because I want to start working in the garden again.  I’m ready for fresh foods again.  I did start gathering some seeds and I’m hoping to plant them over the weekend.  I’m going to double the amount of herbs I normally plant so the chickens can have some treats.  I’ve been reading the new issue of Taproot and loving it.  The story about the father passing really hit home because my dad was diagnosed with early onset Alzheimer’s about 13 years ago.  The article was so moving.  I hope you all are celebrating spring!

Joining Ginny!




These are some restocked and new yarns.  I now have dk yarn in my shop.  It’s 100% merino so it’s a little more wooly than my fingering.  I love yarn that has a little tooth.





One Hermione Finished

I finished one Hermione Everyday Sock and I absolutely love it.  I used my Spring Tulip colorway and love how everything blended.  The pattern is so easy and the texture is lovely.  Now I just need to cast on the other.  I tried yesterday, but it was so nice outside that I was distracted by the sun and my chickens.  I think they might have been more excited than me!  There were so many worms and bugs to find.  It truly feels like spring.  Now I need to turn my attention on cleaning out the garden and deciding what I want to plant. I try not to do this too early because then it just makes me long for warmer weather.

I’m still reading Brooklyn and it’s been a slow go lately.  I’ve been so busy during the day and my eyes are half open while reading.

Hope you are having wonderful weather like we are here!





Joining Ginny!

Coming Up Short

Well, I didn’t complete my sock that I said I wanted to do last week.  I did complete the heel and I’m on the foot part now.  I am really pleased with how the colors look on the bottom of the sock.  Since there is a texture on the top part of the sock, it muddled some of the colors.  I just love these colors!  Hopefully this week I’ll get a little more time to work on it.  This week there was a lot of errands to run.  On Monday, I met with some of the ladies I knit with for some coffee and Joan was so generous she gave me a gauge ruler by Ann Budd Knits.  I hate making swatches so this is awesome!  Also, my aunt has been helping me go through each room and organize it.  She’s so awesome at it.  We go through every corner of the room and take everything out, clean the room, and decide what goes back and where.  I’m so tired of stuff because that stuff takes away time from other things that I want to do (like knitting) and family time.  I’m really striving to make this year about simplicity.




I had to put in a picture of my son since he’s taller than me now.  I’m feeling old.  In two weeks we go talk to his counselor about high school classes.


And since I took a picture with my son, my daughter wanted in on the action.  She’s my mini me!


The chickens have started laying more eggs since there’s more daylight.  I love all the shades.  Sorry for the blurry closeup, but I love the speckles.


Joining Ginny