One Hermione Finished

I finished one Hermione Everyday Sock and I absolutely love it.  I used my Spring Tulip colorway and love how everything blended.  The pattern is so easy and the texture is lovely.  Now I just need to cast on the other.  I tried yesterday, but it was so nice outside that I was distracted by the sun and my chickens.  I think they might have been more excited than me!  There were so many worms and bugs to find.  It truly feels like spring.  Now I need to turn my attention on cleaning out the garden and deciding what I want to plant. I try not to do this too early because then it just makes me long for warmer weather.

I’m still reading Brooklyn and it’s been a slow go lately.  I’ve been so busy during the day and my eyes are half open while reading.

Hope you are having wonderful weather like we are here!





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13 thoughts on “One Hermione Finished

  1. Just breathtaking…can you say that about socks…but it’s true. I’m not sure I could wear them when they’re both done. 🙂

    1. Thank you for your kind words! Spring tulip is my favorite colorway so far. I just hope I can finish the other sock before it gets too warm.

  2. Robin, I was able to purchase a skein of the Spring Tulip. Thanks for letting us know all the details about it. I showed the sock to my daughter and she was like, wow, that is beautiful..I know, right!

    1. You are too funny! Thank you for making a purchase. I really love having my own little business and getting to play with color. I’m so happy you like it!

  3. Looks great!!! and LOVE the color way name. Very clever. My girls were so happy too. They are loving the sunshine and warm weather. Miss YOU!!!!!!!

  4. I’ve just finished my first pair of Hermione socks, it’s a lovely pattern isn’t it. I like the yarn you’ve used, it works really well with the stitch pattern

    1. Thank you! I’ve already started the second sock because I want to wear them before it gets too warm. I’m hoping to have more posts of the chickens soon.

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