Late Yarn Along

I will one day know what day it is and have some sort of routine.  I have been feeling very unfocused with everything in my life.  At yoga yesterday the instructor asked us to make an intention for the class.  Mine was to focus on a few things that I needed to do each day.  I don’t think it worked out so well because I wanted to post this yesterday.  I’m also not doing well with my New Year’s resolution since that was to be more present on my blog.  I just want to feel more settled.  It’s work in progress.

Onto knitting.  I’m almost done with my Hermione Everyday Socks that I started so long ago.  I just have the toe to finish.  I thought that I would have to wait until autumn to wear them, but we are supposed to get some snowflakes Saturday night.  I have also pulled out my Clockwork shawl to finish.  It is like a breath of fresh air.  I think that it’s the light and bright colors.  I’m loving working on it again!

I really want to thank my friend Seashore Sharon for gifting me the beautiful Mighty Mini pattern.  We meet every Monday to knit and have some coffee with a few other women and I was explaining how I feel like I’ve lost my knitting mojo.  She gifted this to me for knitting inspiration and I can’t wait to start it.  We are going to our Wool Walk together next week and I plan on buying the minis to make this.  I was thinking about some autumn colors and possibly wearing it to Rhinebeck.

I’ve also been sewing up some project bags. I loved the ruler fabric and and made an antique key progress keeper for the zipper pull.  My daughter picked out the fruit fabric and I thought it reminded me of a picnic hence the red gingham fabric at the bottom.  I also lined the inside with the red gingham.  There is also a strawberry progress keeper attached tot he zipper pull.  It screams summer!

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