Spring Cleaning

I have been really trying to finish some of the projects that have been on my needles for a while.  I feel like it’s a spring cleaning of my knitting basket.  One more thing needs to be finished and then I’m planning to start my first sweater.  I’ve decided that my first sweater will be the Featherweight Cardigan.  I will be dying my own yarn for this, but haven’t decided on the color.  I’m thinking a grey or some other neutral color so I can wear it with many shirts.

I finished my Hermione Everyday socks in my Spring Tulip colorway and love them.  It’s just a little sad that the weather is finally getting a bit warmer and I won’t be able to wear them.  At least I’ll have some nice socks waiting for when it gets cooler.  Maybe I’ll even have a few more by then.


I also finished my Clockwork shawl that I think I started last August.  It’s lightweight and I think that the colors will be perfect for the summer.  I used Madeline Tosh.  The pink color is Espadrille and the tan is Antique Lace (I think).


I did start something new today!  My friend Seashore Sharon (Instagram – @seashoresharon) gave me a whole bunch of her leftover yarn so I could start a Cozy Memories Blanket.  I was so surprised yesterday when she gave me a bag with so many different awesome minis at our knitting group.  I had to start it!  I think my first square worked out well.


Joining Ginny!

19 thoughts on “Spring Cleaning

  1. beautiful socks robin!!! i have so much leftover yarn, i will have to look into the memory blanket!!! the little changes you made to the blog look great, i didn’t know you were still blogging!!!

    1. Thank you! I’m a bit nervous, but excited about the sweater. I figure that I’m just going to take my time with it and enjoy the process.

  2. I really love your shawl, it’s beautiful! The colors are good together, and how sweet of your friend to give you those mini skeins! My mom did that last fall for me and I hadn’t thought of using them for a blanket but that is an excellent idea!

    1. Thank you so much! I think that the blanket is going to be so much fun and it will be nice to use any leftover yarn to make something beautiful.

  3. That shawl is just stunning! And the socks look so cozy. I want to knit a lightweight cardigan, too, but I keep going back and forth between Featherweight, Wispy, and Whisper — they’re so similar that I can’t decide!

    1. The socks were so easy yet look amazing. I was thinking the same thing about the cardigan. I love to layer clothes and it’s not bulky.

  4. Love your socks and shawl! Yay for starting your first sweater. Love the wooden bowl for your minis! Happy Knitting!

  5. Love those socks! Wish I could get going on another pair. I like to wear them best.
    Great choice for your sweater! I frogged out a vest 4 times or so and decided it was not a good time to make that vest, but I’d like to make something else for me to wear, like a sweater. I’ll be watching to see how this comes out.
    I know what you mean by spring cleaning. I made myself several small zippered bags to store projects in and they are full and beyond! I need to finish a few things and it will feel so good! (Started another shawl last night…bad me! Trying to use some of that sock yarn I bought.)

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