Ready For Fall

Is everyone else ready for cooler temperatures?  I know I am.  I need sweater weather, fireplaces, and hot chocolate.  I can’t wait to put on the socks that I’ve made over the summer and wear all of the shawls.  I thought that I would have a sweater made by now, but it’s still on the needles.

I have been working a lot on my Random Act of Color by Debbie Reece and Amy Meeks.  I’m so close to being done.  I only have the last bit of striping and then I’ll be binding off.  I’m also working on another pair of socks while my daughter is at gymnastics.  One can never have too many socks!  I was originally making them for my daughter, but she told me she didn’t like the colors.  Who doesn’t like purple and pink?  She’s a turquoise girl, so I should have known.  I told her that we can dye yarn together just for her.

Rhinebeck is only a little over three weeks away.  I’m really trying to be practical this year.  I want to make a list of some projects that I want to knit and look for yarn for those projects.  My reasoning behind doing it this way is I want to be focused at Rhinebeck because I could spend all my money in the first five minutes of getting there.  Everything is so wonderful.  I also want to have a set of projects lined up for winter and know that I have all the supplies for them.  Hopefully temperatures are getting colder where you are!


This is folded in half and it’s bunched up on a 40″ wire.  It’s going to be so big and cozy!



This is some of the yarn that I’ve been dying to put in my shop and sell at the craft fair I’ll be vending at in November.  It’s difficult to see in this picture, but the yarn has stellina and it’s so sparkly!


Joining Ginny!

4 thoughts on “Ready For Fall

  1. I’ll be going to Rhinebeck this year, too….it’s been quite a few years since I’ve been there, so really looking forward to it. Fortunately, I’ll be going at the END of an extended week’s vacation…hitting it first might result in no funds left for lobster rolls in Maine!!! Love the shawl and socks in progress….hoping to see/feel some cooler weather SOON. These 90 degree temps are really getting me down……it’s SEPTEMBER! IT”S FALL! (I’m the optimist, though—-pumpkins are on the porch!)

    1. We went to Maine over the summer and all I wanted was a lobster roll! Hitting Rhinebeck on the way home is probably a wise choice. It’s hard for me to hold on to my money for just five minutes there. Wishing you a wonderful trip to Maine!

  2. Love the colors of the yarn you dyed! I hit the dye pots yesterday and had a blast. Time to buy some more blank yarn and a few more colors! The weather is teasing us with fall here in NorCal, I’m ready for some shawl weather.

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