Sweater Weather

Temperatures have finally started to cool down and there seems to be a sense that things are starting to slow down.  I do love this time when you are drawn inside, there are more comfort foods for dinner, and every night there’s tea by the fire.  Sweater knitting is on top of my list right now.  I’ve been making good progress on my Featherweight Cardigan.  I’ve had it on my needles for way too long because I was so distracted with the Random Act of Color shawl, but that is finished now.  I wove in the ends and hopefully it will be blocked today.

I’ve been reading through many of my cookbooks to get some new inspiration for meals.  I’m not sure if anyone else does that, but it’s something I love doing.  Weird, I know.

In just a little over a week I’ll be making my way up to Rhinebeck with a wonderful group of ladies.  There are seven of us total and we rented a house so we can relax and have a great weekend.  I’ve never stayed the night so I’m pretty excited!


This is a Miss Babs yarn called Volcanic Eruption and it’s in a BFL base.  I think that the base is called Northumbria.


This will look so much better once it’s blocked.  I can’t wait to wear it to Rhinebeck.  Hopefully it will be cool enough to wear it.

Joining Ginny!

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