New Beginnings

I really wanted to blog again, but I decided that instead of just posting things that I’ve knit, I want this space to have more of an overall focus of the things that my husband and I do inside and outside of our home.  I love making food from scratch, knitting various things to wear, sewing quilts and project bags, taking care of our chickens, and planting our garden.  This would be so much nicer on a larger piece of property, but my husband and I have found a way to do all of these things on a little over a 1/4 acre in a development.  In the upcoming posts, I will feature our 10 girls (this is what we call our chickens).  Half of the girls have been with us for almost 3 years and the others are about 10 months old.  Also, in the winter, I love to bake bread.  I will post a few recipes for things I like to make.  When it gets warmer, I will document the progress in our garden.  This year we have to overhaul all of the raised beds.  So these are the plans that I have for this space and I hope it inspires you to look at your space differently, slow down, and connect with the things you love to do or make.

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