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I have been working on two projects consistently this month and of coarse there’s always socks.  I love Caitlin Hunter’s designs so this post is a Caitlin party!  The first project is the Birkin sweater by Caitlin Hunter.  It is an absolutely beautiful sweater and I can’t wait to wear it.  The colorwork section has been going pretty slow though.  The places where it has three colors is a little tough for me and after a row or two I put it down.  I only have a few more rows to go before it’s just stockinette and I need to power through them.  The main color is O-Wool in the colorway Barn Owl.  I love O-Wool!  The color work section is made up from different yarns that were leftover from other projects.  The pink was from a friend, Seashore Sharon.  The yellow is Madelinetosh and the blue and green are Miss Babs.  I tried to flatten the sweater as much as I could, but my cord is a bit small.  This piece will get lots of wear!

The next project is the Ohra shawl again by Caitlin Hunter.  I started knitting the Kodikas by the same designer so I could practice knitting colorwork flat.  Everything was fine except I didn’t choose colors that contrasted enough in the colorwork section and the pattern just dissolved in the yarn.  I decided to rip it out and I will complete it later.  I took the darker grey that I was using and used it in this shawl.  The darker grey is yarn that I dyed.  The lighter grey is Quince and Co Tern in the colorway Oyster, and the burgundy is KnitPicks Stroll Tweed in the colorway Barn Door Heather.  I love this color combination and it will go with many shirts in my wardrobe.  After a good blocking, I think the eyelets in the burgundy section will pop.

The last project is socks.  I love knitting socks and especially love striped socks.  I’m not a fan of patterned socks for some reason.  I think it’s because I knit socks when I don’t want to think about a pattern or if I’m out somewhere.  Maybe that’s why I like the stripes because it gives interest, but is still a vanilla sock.  I belong to the Cozy Knitter sock club and this a January’s club colorway.  I’m not normally drawn to blue, but I really think this combination of browns and blues will be great with jeans.


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