Not Feeling Like Christmas

The weather here in the New Jersey does not know that it’s almost Winter.  This past Sunday was 72 degrees.  We went to Allaire Village for their historic Christmas event.  Normally we get hot chocolate to walk around, but this year we needed some lemonade!  We were walking around in t-shirts!  It was nice not to dodge into buildings to get warmed up, but it didn’t feel like Christmas.  They are predicting that it could be around 68 degrees on Christmas.  This is crazy.

On the knitting front…I’ve been making some progress on the Clockwork shawl.  It is a nice, mindless project, but I want to be done.  I knew I needed a new project so I cast on a hat for me.  I’ve been wanting to do some more fair isle.  The pattern is called the Passerine Hat and so far I’m loving it.  It hat a beautiful bird motif, which I’m just about to begin.  The yarn is from the alpacas at Arrow Acres.

I received the new Taproot in the mail and could not be happier with it.  The theme for this issue is shelter, which I love.  I do love all seasons, but there is something about being drawn back in the house and slowing down.  I also recently bought the new Flow magazine.  I was first introduced to Flow last Christmas when we bought their paper crafting book for my daughter.  She absolutely loved all the paper crafts and has been using the book all year.  When I saw this magazine I just had to get it.




Allaire Village


Santa on the fire truck.


Gifts for my daughter’s class.

Joining Ginny!

Goodies From Rhinebeck

Rhinebeck was absolutely amazing!  The weather was perfect for a wool festival.  There was a bit of chill in the air so everyone was wearing their handmade knits.  This year my friend Amy and her daughter joined us.  Of course everyone loved the animals and once again no one could move away from the angora rabbits.  Just walking through all the barns gave me so much inspiration.  Even the gorgeous trees gave me color inspiration.    I’ve decided that I want to learn how to spin and bought some roving from Gale’s Art that I couldn’t resist.  I just loved the colors. The highlight of my time there was meeting Amy Beth (aka The Fat Squirrel).  I love her podcast and she makes me laugh so much.  I began knitting when I needed to take a family leave for my daughter who has a mental illness.  It was something that I could do while I sat next to her when she was homebound from school.  Leanne Coppola from Arrow Acres told me about Amy Beth’s podcast and I’ve been hooked ever since.  It is nice to laugh even when times are tough.  She was so gracious and let me take a picture with her.  Speaking of my daughter, I started a cowl for her.  She chose the yarn because it changes color and each ball has a similar colors, but the order in which they are arranged is different.  It’s enjoyable to see which color appears next.  I also have some pictures of other goodies that I bought.

Joining Ginny!

Rhinebeck, Here We Come

The countdown to Rhinebeck is on.  Last year was the first time that I had gone and I was completely overwhelmed.  This year I have a few vendors that I would like to go to, but I really just want to enjoy my time there.  The drive to Rhinebeck is absolutely beautiful.  Since I live at the beach, it is so nice to see mountains where the trees are in full color.  My kids and husband love all the animals and they are hoping the falafel truck is there again for lunch.  I finished my fall shawl from the Miss Babs Knitting Tour just in time to wear it.  I just need to block it first. I finally started to read the new Taproot that I received a month ago.  Time has just been flying around here.


Joining Ginny!





New Beginnings

I feel like the start of each season has so many opportunities for new beginnings.  Autumn is my favorite season.  I love the colors of the trees, family traditions like apple picking, cooking soups and stews, and the feeling of being drawn back into the house and slowing down.  In summer there are so many wonderful things that are going on outside like going to the beach that towards the end I just want to stop, make a fire, and have a cup of tea.  Before summer ended we needed to have a little family getaway.  We took the kids to Aquatopia waterpark in the Poconos.  It was so nice to just be all together and having fun.  We plan to return sometime this winter to go snow tubing.  On the knitting front, I received my next Miss Babs Knitting Tour package in the mail at the end of last week.  The theme is glamping and the yarn is a gorgeous green.  We have also been getting ready for school.  My daughter started 6th grade last week and my son started 8th grade yesterday.  It’s so incredible to see how much they’ve grown and what wonderful people they are turning into.  It makes this mama proud.







Joining Ginny!

Atlantis Shawl

I’m still working on the Atlantis shawl from the Miss Babs Kitting Tour.  It is such an easy pattern and that is what is needed now when there is so much work and fun to be done outside.  The garden is coming along.  We have been harvesting a ton of lettuce and green beans.  We are finally getting some squash and cucumbers, but they aren’t ready to pick yet.  We are also anxiously waiting for the watermelon and cantaloupe to get larger.  As far as reading, I’ve been reading my Taproot magazine.  I just subscribed and so far I’m loving all of the articles.  Yesterday, I made the blueberry pound cake recipe that was inside and it was so delicious.  We’ve been keeping busy by eating ice cream, swimming, going to the beach, and having fun at the boardwalk.  I could never live far from the ocean.

Going Ginny today!














Hot But Happy

It’s been a bit hot here lately.  Those first really hot days of summer are so nice, but a bit draining.  My body is not used to the heat yet, especially since we had such a cold winter.  I’ve been making sure that the chickens have plenty of cold water to drink or even stand in.  I cut a watermelon for an after school snack and then put all the rinds into the freezer.  The chickens are enjoying their treat.


Wednesday was my 15th wedding anniversary so we took the kids out for ice cream then we walked along the bay.  It was such a beautiful night.  I could never live far from the ocean.  Love these guys!


National Anthem

My daughter started attending a new school about a month ago.  It is a school for students with special needs.  It has been life changing even though she is still transitioning.  The staff got her involved in the school right away by having her join the chorus and taking violin lessons.  Today, the school’s chorus got to sing the national anthem for our minor league baseball game.  They did an amazing job!  We even got to meet many of the other families.  Processed with VSCOcam with j2 preset