Atlantis Shawl

I’m still working on the Atlantis shawl from the Miss Babs Kitting Tour.  It is such an easy pattern and that is what is needed now when there is so much work and fun to be done outside.  The garden is coming along.  We have been harvesting a ton of lettuce and green beans.  We are finally getting some squash and cucumbers, but they aren’t ready to pick yet.  We are also anxiously waiting for the watermelon and cantaloupe to get larger.  As far as reading, I’ve been reading my Taproot magazine.  I just subscribed and so far I’m loving all of the articles.  Yesterday, I made the blueberry pound cake recipe that was inside and it was so delicious.  We’ve been keeping busy by eating ice cream, swimming, going to the beach, and having fun at the boardwalk.  I could never live far from the ocean.

Going Ginny today!














Summer Distraction

Summer has been so distracting.  The garden is finally planted and doing really well.  We even have some tomatoes and beans already growing.  There has been some knitting, but not too much on the reading front.  After being outside all day, I’ve been so tired at night to read.  Plus, smore making is so much more fun!  I began making a sweater (naturally with Leanne at Arrow Acres) to give to my niece one her first birthday in September.  I plan on making a matching hat so she can wear it in the fall.  I’ve also starting on the second Miss Babs tour project.  The destination is Atlantis and the yarn is dyed to look like the ocean.  The middle section will look like seashells.  It’s such an easy pattern, which is perfect for me right now.  Excuse my legs in the picture.  I took it while my daughter was riding and I was sitting in the car knitting.  Joining Ginny today!







Lots of Sun

It’s iced tea and flip flop weather!  The sun has been shining everyday and it’s been so warm.  It’s been a complete distraction from knitting.  I’ve only gotten a little farther on the wrap.  The pattern is coming out nicely.  The garden is basically done.  I’m just waiting for my husband’s help with the last little bad in the back corner.  It has a raspberry bush that grew through bird netting.  Not fun to try and take out.  The other eight beds and cleared and ready.  All of the plants are just waiting to be planted, but I don’t like to plant until after Mother’s Day in case there is frost.  New stitch markers were not on the agenda, but I couldn’t resist.






Joining Ginny!

Operation Clean the Garden

So today it has begun; operation clean the garden.  I had already started to clean out the first bed before I took the picture.  We were so busy in the fall that we neglected cleaning out the garden, which didn’t make today easy.  What also makes it tough, this year is that we have hundreds of thistles everywhere.  The little thorns go right through my gloves if I’m not careful.  I only had to use the tweezers once.  My sister came to help, which was so nice.  In the end, we cleaned out five out of the nine beds.  Not to shabby for a few hours of work.  It still has a long way to go before planting.