Spring Cleaning

I have been really trying to finish some of the projects that have been on my needles for a while.  I feel like it’s a spring cleaning of my knitting basket.  One more thing needs to be finished and then I’m planning to start my first sweater.  I’ve decided that my first sweater will be the Featherweight Cardigan.  I will be dying my own yarn for this, but haven’t decided on the color.  I’m thinking a grey or some other neutral color so I can wear it with many shirts.

I finished my Hermione Everyday socks in my Spring Tulip colorway and love them.  It’s just a little sad that the weather is finally getting a bit warmer and I won’t be able to wear them.  At least I’ll have some nice socks waiting for when it gets cooler.  Maybe I’ll even have a few more by then.


I also finished my Clockwork shawl that I think I started last August.  It’s lightweight and I think that the colors will be perfect for the summer.  I used Madeline Tosh.  The pink color is Espadrille and the tan is Antique Lace (I think).


I did start something new today!  My friend Seashore Sharon (Instagram – @seashoresharon) gave me a whole bunch of her leftover yarn so I could start a Cozy Memories Blanket.  I was so surprised yesterday when she gave me a bag with so many different awesome minis at our knitting group.  I had to start it!  I think my first square worked out well.


Joining Ginny!

Late Yarn Along

I will one day know what day it is and have some sort of routine.  I have been feeling very unfocused with everything in my life.  At yoga yesterday the instructor asked us to make an intention for the class.  Mine was to focus on a few things that I needed to do each day.  I don’t think it worked out so well because I wanted to post this yesterday.  I’m also not doing well with my New Year’s resolution since that was to be more present on my blog.  I just want to feel more settled.  It’s work in progress.

Onto knitting.  I’m almost done with my Hermione Everyday Socks that I started so long ago.  I just have the toe to finish.  I thought that I would have to wait until autumn to wear them, but we are supposed to get some snowflakes Saturday night.  I have also pulled out my Clockwork shawl to finish.  It is like a breath of fresh air.  I think that it’s the light and bright colors.  I’m loving working on it again!

I really want to thank my friend Seashore Sharon for gifting me the beautiful Mighty Mini pattern.  We meet every Monday to knit and have some coffee with a few other women and I was explaining how I feel like I’ve lost my knitting mojo.  She gifted this to me for knitting inspiration and I can’t wait to start it.  We are going to our Wool Walk together next week and I plan on buying the minis to make this.  I was thinking about some autumn colors and possibly wearing it to Rhinebeck.

I’ve also been sewing up some project bags. I loved the ruler fabric and and made an antique key progress keeper for the zipper pull.  My daughter picked out the fruit fabric and I thought it reminded me of a picnic hence the red gingham fabric at the bottom.  I also lined the inside with the red gingham.  There is also a strawberry progress keeper attached tot he zipper pull.  It screams summer!

Joining Ginny!




Spring Has Sprung

Things around here have been a bit slow paced.  With the exception of my son, the rest of us has had some kind of virus that really took a toll on us.  We are finally just getting back on track.  There has been just a bit of knitting on my second sock (Hermione’s Everyday Sock).  I could not concentrate when I wasn’t feeling well so not much was done.  I’m almost to the heel flap.  I have a feeling that I might need to put these away and wear them when it gets cold again since it’s a beautiful 70 degree day here.  I’m not complain because I want to start working in the garden again.  I’m ready for fresh foods again.  I did start gathering some seeds and I’m hoping to plant them over the weekend.  I’m going to double the amount of herbs I normally plant so the chickens can have some treats.  I’ve been reading the new issue of Taproot and loving it.  The story about the father passing really hit home because my dad was diagnosed with early onset Alzheimer’s about 13 years ago.  The article was so moving.  I hope you all are celebrating spring!

Joining Ginny!




These are some restocked and new yarns.  I now have dk yarn in my shop.  It’s 100% merino so it’s a little more wooly than my fingering.  I love yarn that has a little tooth.





One Hermione Finished

I finished one Hermione Everyday Sock and I absolutely love it.  I used my Spring Tulip colorway and love how everything blended.  The pattern is so easy and the texture is lovely.  Now I just need to cast on the other.  I tried yesterday, but it was so nice outside that I was distracted by the sun and my chickens.  I think they might have been more excited than me!  There were so many worms and bugs to find.  It truly feels like spring.  Now I need to turn my attention on cleaning out the garden and deciding what I want to plant. I try not to do this too early because then it just makes me long for warmer weather.

I’m still reading Brooklyn and it’s been a slow go lately.  I’ve been so busy during the day and my eyes are half open while reading.

Hope you are having wonderful weather like we are here!





Joining Ginny!

Coming Up Short

Well, I didn’t complete my sock that I said I wanted to do last week.  I did complete the heel and I’m on the foot part now.  I am really pleased with how the colors look on the bottom of the sock.  Since there is a texture on the top part of the sock, it muddled some of the colors.  I just love these colors!  Hopefully this week I’ll get a little more time to work on it.  This week there was a lot of errands to run.  On Monday, I met with some of the ladies I knit with for some coffee and Joan was so generous she gave me a gauge ruler by Ann Budd Knits.  I hate making swatches so this is awesome!  Also, my aunt has been helping me go through each room and organize it.  She’s so awesome at it.  We go through every corner of the room and take everything out, clean the room, and decide what goes back and where.  I’m so tired of stuff because that stuff takes away time from other things that I want to do (like knitting) and family time.  I’m really striving to make this year about simplicity.




I had to put in a picture of my son since he’s taller than me now.  I’m feeling old.  In two weeks we go talk to his counselor about high school classes.


And since I took a picture with my son, my daughter wanted in on the action.  She’s my mini me!


The chickens have started laying more eggs since there’s more daylight.  I love all the shades.  Sorry for the blurry closeup, but I love the speckles.


Joining Ginny



New Socks

I decided to cast on a new pair of socks for myself using yarn that I dyed.  I originally made this color for the shop, but I loved it so much that I kept it and dyed another to sell.  The color combination has all of my favorite colors; green, pink, and grey.  So far I’m loving the marbled effect.  I’m using the Hermione Everyday Sock pattern, which is free on Revelry.  I wanted to use something that had a bit of texture.  I’m hoping to have this sock finished by the next Yarn Along.  I’m still reading Brooklyn by Colm Toibin.  Like I said in last week’s post, it’s a nice, easy read.


Joining Ginny!


I got into knitting about 2 1/2 years ago when I had to take a family leave from my teaching job because of my daughter’s mental illness.  She just wanted to lay next to me all day and napped a lot.  During those naps, I needed something to occupy my time and there was only so much reading and television watching a person could do.  I started watching YouTube videos on how to knit and made a small scarf.  I enjoyed it so much, but I knew I needed to find someone to really show me in person.  I am a total hands on learner.  I found Leanne at Arrow Acres, which wasn’t so far from where I live.  After taking many of her classes over the next year, I just fell in love with the entire process of knitting and found it so relaxing.  I’m especially grateful to the community of people who have been so supportive and helpful.  For the most part, unless you belong to a knitting group, we are all strangers online joining KALs or commenting on Ravelry or websites. We have this connection to knitting that we want to share with each other.  The online aspect was definitely important to me because, even though I could rarely get out of the house, I still felt connected to people.

I’ve begun a new venture on Etsy with dying yarn.  It has given me a feeling of enjoyment to have my own shop.  Creating my own color combinations is exciting!  Also, every handmade object is a treasure.  I feel like I’m learning one more step to the fiber/knitting process.  Eventually, I would like to begin spinning too, but that’s for another day.

A year has past since I have resigned from teaching to be a full-time mom for both of my children. I found knitting during a time when things were rough and uncertain, but it has become the thing that grounds and relaxes me when times are rough now.  It has also brought new and wonderful people into my life.



The Longest Border

I really shouldn’t be complaining because it is my fault that I haven’t devoted time to finish the border for the Stories from Snoqualmie Shawl.  There are twelve repeats of the same section.  After a little while you want something different and I feel like I’m forcing myself to keep going.  I only have three more sections.  I’m not giving up.


The rest of my time has been spent trying to open an Etsy shop with some of the yarn I’ve dyed.  It’s a lot to think about and there’s lots to prepare before anything can happen.  My husband has been so wonderful and patient with me.  If you would like to take a look please stop by at www.etsy.com/shop/robinroostshop.   I only put up eight skeins and three have sold already.  I’ll be putting up another three tonight and some more tomorrow.



I started to read Brooklyn by Colm Toibin.  I do like it so far and it’s a nice easy read.  I love books where at least some of the setting takes place in Europe.  I lived in Germany for a year while I was in college and absolutely love the history and architecture.

Hopefully next week I will be onto a different section of the shawl!

Joining Ginny!

Yarn Along

I realized late last night that it was Wednesday and I didn’t post to the yarn along.  I think that it’s because the kids were off from school or had delayed openings and it threw off my whole schedule.  We had quite a bit of snow during the blizzard on Saturday.  I’m not complaining because I love when it snows.  I’ve been solely working on the Stories from Snoqualmie Valley shawl.  I’m halfway through the cable repeats and so excited because it’s going to be so big and cozy.  My other free time has been spent dying yarn.  I love the process of choosing the colors and the technique.  The only difficult part is waiting for the water to cool down.  It’s like waiting to unwrap a gift, which I’m not so patient about.  So far, I think it’s been going well and it’s just so much fun!  I’ve also been doing some sewing.  The podcast Hue Loco has some great sewing tutorials and pdf’s that you can download for free with the patterns for a project bag and the little notions bag that I sewed up.  My daughter loved the little bag so much I made one for her and she’s using it as a pencil case.  I really enjoy her podcast.

Joining Ginny!





Playing with Color

I’ve been wanting to dye yarn for a while and finally got all the supplies in the mail yesterday.  I couldn’t wait to start, so I dove right in.  The skein that I made came out great!  I just need to saturate the dye a bit more and make sure that the yarn on the bottom gets enough dye.  I knew that I wanted to use green, since that’s my favorite color, so I paired it with pink and grey.   In the picture the yarn is not reskeined.  Right now I have another skein in the dye pot.  This time I let my daughter choose the colors.  Let’s just say she likes bright colors.  So we’ll see how the turquoise and orange skein turns out.  Thank you to Nicole at Hue Loco for creating such great tutorials!