Stories From Snoqualmie Valley Shawl

I had told myself that I wasn’t going to start a new project until some of my other ones were done and that my next project was going to be a cardigan.  Well, that went out the window when Leanne from Arrow Acres posted a shawl (Stories from Snoqualmie Valley) that she wanted to work on as a KAL for the winter.  It is beautiful and I thought that I would get a lot of wear out of it so I joined in.  The cardigan will need to wait.  The yarn that I’m using a Cascade merino/silk combination.  I love the shine from the silk and I’m hoping that it will make the beautiful cabling stand out.  I also chose this burnt orange color because I just love orange and I thought that it would be a nice color to wear to Rhinebeck in the Fall.  We have a great knitting group that Leanne has fostered by inviting us to the farm to knit every so often.  We hadn’t gotten together in a while and it was so nice to see everyone.  We always have such a wonderful time.  I’ve decided to get the book Brooklyn and will begin reading it tonight!






Joining Ginny!

Happy Fabric

For Christmas my mom was so generous and got me so many things to be creative.  I’ve been wanting to dye yarn for some time now and she gave me everything except the dye and yarn because she didn’t know what colors or yarn I wanted.  I’m just waiting for the dye and yarn to come in the mail.  She and my sister also got me gift cards to Joann’s Fabric.  I was a kid in a candy store.  I bought as much fabric and thread as I could.  As you can see I have a thing for birds.  Looking at my stash now, I think it might last the year!  It has been so nice to relax and sew.  I just love handmade things.  I hope your January has been creative as well!




Birds On A Wire

The holidays are over and while it is nice to get back into a routine, I still love everyone being home.  My husband always takes off from Christmas to New Year’s and we just do everything as a family.  It is so nice to not have any obligations or responsibilities.  I did want to do a little more knitting over break than I did, but I was having too much fun playing with my kids.  You can see the tails of the birds and the beginning of the bodies.  I really need to finish it soon.  It was 70 degrees on Christmas Eve and now it’s 20 degrees.  New Jersey weather has been so crazy.  My husband did finish up my new website enough to put it up.  It’s still a work in progress, but I love it.  I’m still trying to find a good book to read.  I was thinking about the book Brooklyn.  For some reason it just always takes me a little while to commit to a book.  I just need to dive in.  Joining Ginny!


New Year, New Logo

I had asked my husband to make me a logo and a website a few months ago.  When I started blogging, he just set me up quickly so I could get started.  I did want a nicer site, but it still needed to have a clean feel.  I also wanted a logo with the same aesthetics.  So here it is!  I love the logo he created for me!  He even found a way to incorporate my favorite color green.  For Christmas, he ordered me a stamp and tags to make everything official.  Now that I have the new site, my goal for this year is to post more than I did last year.  As for resolutions, I have a sense of calmness leading into this new year that I would like to keep.  Last year was such a rollercoaster ride that I want to be more mindful of the small accomplishments of everyday things.  I believe that I have found that being creative has brought that sense of calmness back into my life.


Not Feeling Like Christmas

The weather here in the New Jersey does not know that it’s almost Winter.  This past Sunday was 72 degrees.  We went to Allaire Village for their historic Christmas event.  Normally we get hot chocolate to walk around, but this year we needed some lemonade!  We were walking around in t-shirts!  It was nice not to dodge into buildings to get warmed up, but it didn’t feel like Christmas.  They are predicting that it could be around 68 degrees on Christmas.  This is crazy.

On the knitting front…I’ve been making some progress on the Clockwork shawl.  It is a nice, mindless project, but I want to be done.  I knew I needed a new project so I cast on a hat for me.  I’ve been wanting to do some more fair isle.  The pattern is called the Passerine Hat and so far I’m loving it.  It hat a beautiful bird motif, which I’m just about to begin.  The yarn is from the alpacas at Arrow Acres.

I received the new Taproot in the mail and could not be happier with it.  The theme for this issue is shelter, which I love.  I do love all seasons, but there is something about being drawn back in the house and slowing down.  I also recently bought the new Flow magazine.  I was first introduced to Flow last Christmas when we bought their paper crafting book for my daughter.  She absolutely loved all the paper crafts and has been using the book all year.  When I saw this magazine I just had to get it.




Allaire Village


Santa on the fire truck.


Gifts for my daughter’s class.

Joining Ginny!

Feeling Nervous

I’m feeling a bit nervous about tomorrow.  I was a teacher until about the middle of the last school year and needed to resign from my job to take care of my daughter.  I recently filled out an application to be a substitute in that same district.  Things wax and wane with my daughter, therefore I can’t have a regular everyday job, so I thought that this could be something for me to do when circumstances allow.  I will have my first substitute job tomorrow (actually in the same school I taught at), but for me I have the first day of school jitters.  It’s so weird.  After 15 years of teaching I’m nervous.  I’m sure everything will go well.


I joined the Doodler KAL by Steven West at the beginning of November.  Needless to say, I’m still on clue 1 even though the KAL is over.  I have one more wedge to do before I move onto clue 2, but I need to order more yarn.  I have just a small amount of the blue left and it won’t be enough.  I have really enjoyed working on the Doodler and can’t wait to wear it.   My basket is also full of WIPs, but that’s a good thing.  I’ve also been sewing a lot and for Christmas my husband bought me a new sewing machine and my mom bought me a serger.  They both don’t know much about sewing and Joann’s was having a wonderful sale so they asked me what I needed.  How excited am I!  I’ll make another post for that.  My chickens (or as we call them our girls) have slowed down laying eggs, but we still get a few each day.  I just think that they are so beautiful.  Speaking of beautiful, I also love this time of year.  We had a wonderful Thanksgiving dinner at my mother-in-laws house and then this past Sunday my sister and I made a nice dinner for my mom’s 70th birthday.  I love low-key events.  We are now getting the house ready to have everyone over for Christmas.  I truly love this time of year!

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I’m still working on the Clockwork shawl by Steven West.  I’m on the second section, but the rows are so long.  Speaking of Steven West I joined his latest KAL.  It starts on Friday and I can’t wait to see what the first clue is.  The pattern calls for three fingering weight skeins in different colorways.  I decided to use the three skeins that I bought from Owool at Rhinebeck. It’s going to be very neutral, but I thought that I would get more use out of it.  Hopefully I’ll have some progress to show next week.  We had a very busy weekend since it was Halloween. Everyone came over on Saturday and spent the day.  I made chili and everyone brought desserts.  My daughter was Evie from Disney Descendants and my son was a zombie.  They were told to make scary faces.  As far as reading goes, I’ve been reading through many cook books.  I’m trying to find some new recipes. I feel like we eat the same things.

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I’m still working on my daughter’s cowl and there has been just a bit of progress with that.  I’ve been working on the clockwork shawl that I started a while back and almost finished with the first section.  The big news though is I went to Arrow Acres today and Leanne’s sister Liz was there who spins.  I’ve been wanting to learn to spin for a while and even bought some roving at Rhinebeck.  Today Liz took out her wheel (a beautiful Ashford Traveler) and gave me a little lesson and let me practice with some roving.  Let’s just say I’m hooked!  I’ve been scouring the Internet looking at wheels.

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Goodies From Rhinebeck

Rhinebeck was absolutely amazing!  The weather was perfect for a wool festival.  There was a bit of chill in the air so everyone was wearing their handmade knits.  This year my friend Amy and her daughter joined us.  Of course everyone loved the animals and once again no one could move away from the angora rabbits.  Just walking through all the barns gave me so much inspiration.  Even the gorgeous trees gave me color inspiration.    I’ve decided that I want to learn how to spin and bought some roving from Gale’s Art that I couldn’t resist.  I just loved the colors. The highlight of my time there was meeting Amy Beth (aka The Fat Squirrel).  I love her podcast and she makes me laugh so much.  I began knitting when I needed to take a family leave for my daughter who has a mental illness.  It was something that I could do while I sat next to her when she was homebound from school.  Leanne Coppola from Arrow Acres told me about Amy Beth’s podcast and I’ve been hooked ever since.  It is nice to laugh even when times are tough.  She was so gracious and let me take a picture with her.  Speaking of my daughter, I started a cowl for her.  She chose the yarn because it changes color and each ball has a similar colors, but the order in which they are arranged is different.  It’s enjoyable to see which color appears next.  I also have some pictures of other goodies that I bought.

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