Welcome to my little piece of the Internet.  My name is Robin and I live at the Jersey Shore where we live on a small piece of property in a development.  You will be seeing my husband, our two teenagers, a flock of chickens, our dog Ollie (an old English bulldog), our cats Xeno and Pixel, and my daughter’s guinea pigs Cinnamon Nutmeg, and Caramel.   I love to cook, garden, knit, and sew.  Through this blog, I plan to show you our garden, introduce you to our girls (chickens), share recipes, and highlight knitting or sewing projects that I’m working on.  I’m always so inspired when I look at other blogs who live on many acres of land and have huge outdoor spaces.  We have managed to do all of the things on our 1/4 acre of property. So I thought that the craziness we are up to here can inspire others too.

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